Incredible Customer Service?

We’ve all heard the stories. Nordstrom giving a full refund to a customer on a set of tires, even though Nordstrom does NOT sell tires. LL Bean or REI giving a customer a full refund on a 20 year old pair of used/worn hiking boots. REVO sunglasses giving a 150% replacement on a broken pair of 10 year old glasses. These organizations have a 100%, satisfaction guarantee…no questions asked. What does your organization do to WOW your customers? If you say, “we have clean restrooms”…you are missing the point!

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  1. John J says:

    Great comment about Wowing customers. Most organizations don’t understand that customers make choices based on how they are treated…much more so than the appearance of the facility. Yes, clean bathrooms are very important, BUT, how customers feel about their experience will be long-lasting.

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