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Our programs are customized to meet your specific needs or are designed from the ground up. We don't simply delivery "off the shelf" workshops. We work directly with you in order to ensure you receive exactly what you need and want.

We usually perform organizational and site assessments prior to designing your workshop. We spend time talking directly with you and your staff, either in focus group settings or in one-to-one discussions. We make specific and general observations and report those back to you. And we utilize all of this information to ensure that your program is tailored specifically around your organization.

This is a partial list with brief descriptions of IDS programs that have been designed and delivered for our clients. We routinely customize these and other professional development programs. This page is intended to give you a "snapshot" of the types of programs we offer; it is not an all inclusive list.
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Custom Program Design - Our specialty is the assessment, design and delivery of custom learning programs for organizations and companies. The majority of our workshops are created in partnership with client organizations. We are very effective in transforming information into a participatory, engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

Customer Service: Attitudes To Actions - Half-day and full-day programs focusing on understanding of customer needs, customer perspectives, and reasons for improving service. The workshop emphasizes the importance of basic and easy to perform greetings, courtesies and body language, as well as personal attitudes, insights and understanding. Goals/objectives often include: To demonstrate the importance of service to the overall mission of the organization; Identity the employee's role in service delivery; Energize, excite and empower employees; Develop skills for listening, influencing and communicating; and Building an organizational culture of customer focus. The program is interactive with group discussions and participation, and may involve role-playing scenarios. (Click here for Customer Service Brochure)

Customer Service for Ground Transportation & Taxi Cabs
- We have a specific program devoted to taxi and shuttle drivers. It is short and to the point. We understand the time constraints that drivers have and we want to make sure they are back out on the road as soon as possible.

Customer Service for Public Safety and Police
- A few years ago, we realized that the needs and issues that challenge public safety employees can be quite different than other employees within an organization. So we designed a workshop explicitly for them.
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Customer Service for specific groups or departments
- We routinely design workshops for a specific group or department within an organization. If you have a specific need, we will be happy to discuss a custom program for you.

Customer Service organization/facility assessments
- Let us give you an unbiased perspective of your organization and facility. This detailed information will help you to improve both your physical presence as well as your employee professional development.

Team Development and Working With Others - One-day or multi-day programs designed around the specific needs of the client, organization or industry. Attention is given to team development stages, effective communication, group planning and problem solving. Sessions can be designed for conference rooms, off-site meeting facilities, the outdoors and challenge-ropes courses. The DiSC Personal Profile assessment is recommended to be included. (Click here for Team Brochure)

DiSC Personal Profile System - The DiSC Personal Styles Profile presents a program plan to help understand self and others in a specific environment. You are the central focus as you heighten understanding of your behavioral profile and identify environments most conducive to your success. You also learn about the differences of others and the environment they require to maximize productivity and teamwork in the organization. DiSC provides employees with a non-judgmental vocabulary for discussing behaviors and differences. Unlike other "personality" assessments, the DiSC program is easy to understand and powerful enough for participants to remember and utilize for a long time. (Click here for DiSC Brochure)

Executive, Management & Staff Retreats - One day, multi-day and partial-day programs designed in concert with your management team. Programs can be adventured-based, traditional facilitation or a combination of both. Location is suggested to be away from the office at a retreat or conference center and should be scheduled near the end of the workweek.

  • Indoor Retreats at Conference Centers
  • Indoor/Outdoor Retreats at Conference Centers
  • Outdoor Retreats at a Challenge Course
  • Outdoor Retreats in the woods, on the river, on mountain bikes, etc.

- Give us a call to talk about the numerous options available.

Professional Leadership Development - One-day or multi-day programs designed to meet your organizational needs. Programs focus on a better understanding of personal styles, strengths and challenges, situational demands, proactive behavior and interpersonal development.

Goal Setting & Strategic Visioning - We are often asked to help teams, groups, departments or organizations look to the future and set goals. Our dynamic workshops are interactive, get people involved, offer differing perspectives and are fun.

Conference Speaking - We routinely speak at national and regional conferences on professional development topics. Whether Keynote, Luncheon or Break-out session, we will customize a dynamic presentation that will shake up your conference attendees!
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Presentation & Communication Skills for Managers - A one-day workshop designed to increase skills, decrease anxiety, and provide practice and feedback for anyone tasked with delivering presentations in a professional environment. Emphasis is placed on understanding the soft and hard skills of presentation and actual practice of presentations. A videotape feedback model is used and participants are given a videotape to keep for review.

Train-The-Trainer - A two-day workshop designed to increase skills and tools for training, facilitating or presenting information to small and large groups. Emphasis is on adult learning theory, presentation skills, participant-centered workshop design, presentation practice and videotape feedback.

Input Groups/Focus Groups - Need to get rich and detailed information from a group? Our professional facilitators know how to get people thinking and talking. You might be looking to hear from an outside group about your services. Or you might want to get feedback from an internal group. Either way, we can make it happen.

Employee Coaching - Looking for that extra boost or guidance on personal goals and performance? Look no farther. IDS will work one-on-one with you or a staff member to reach those levels you desire.

Video Production - Writing, Directing, ProducingIf you need a short corporate video that has lasting impact and is written specifically around your organization and not just some off-the-shelf product, give us a call.

Super KAIZEN - A one-day program for employee groups of 25-30 members. Emphasis is on positive attitude & behavior, learning from experience, being proactive and understanding the "Big Picture" of organizational goals. The day also takes an interesting look at both the positive and negative effects of intra-organizational competition. The program is filled with problem-solving, team introspection, energy and FUN.

Personal Professionalism and Customer Focus - A four-hour workshop designed to raise awareness and skills concerning professional behavior and customer service attitudes. Participants are involved in self evaluation, putting forth opinions and perspectives, small group discussions, humorous customer service anecdotes, goal setting, expectations, and team building activities.

Managing Individual Differences - A six-hour workshop designed to raise awareness and skills for dealing with differences in the workplace. A participant-based program, topics cover valuing diversity, communication, identifying personal prejudice, eliminating stereotype-thinking, moving from tolerance to acceptance to appreciation of differences, and creative problem-solving. (Combine with Personal Professionalism into an eight-hour condensed session titled Connections.)

Common Ground - A two-day workshop designed to bring diverse organizational cultures together. This program raises awareness of commonalties between people, decreases resistance to accept other ways of thinking and behaving, and encourages personal introspection. An interactive workshop, emphasis is placed on dialogue skills, seeing the world through different perspectives, and group problem-solving from a supervisory level.

Group Size, Program length
Depending on the program topic, group sizes can range from six to hundreds of people. We will recommend group size based on more information or talk with you about what kinds of programs work best for your specific group size.

Program lengths range from hours to days. We'll make recommendations regarding what we think will work best for your organization. Interactive Dynamics programs are always designed around the needs and abilities of your group. And, if you are looking at utilizing one of our "adventure programs," they are suited for all ages and require little or no athletic ability. Participants can always determine their own level of involvement, so nobody will feel uncomfortable.

As always, we work with you to custom design a development program that fulfills your training needs. Programs will match your group size, time length and location desires. Our courses are tailored to the goals of your organization and your personnel.

What is a challenge course?
Looking for that big event or group activity for your organization? Need an outing to kick off or complete a new year? Want to swing through the trees at 30 feet above the ground?

Our challenge/ropes course is a series of individual and group, physical and mental challenges that require a combination of teamwork, initiative, problem solving and fun. Organizations use challenge courses to develop "people skills" like cooperation, goal setting, trust, communication, commitment and leadership. If you are looking for a powerful, memorable team outing, this may be just what the doctor ordered.

The challenge course we use has both High and Low elements. "Lows" are usually used more for team building and group problem-solving. "Highs" have a risk-based focus that builds self-confidence and trust. High elements use safety equipment like belay ropes, carabiners and harnesses. Low elements simply require motivation, thinking and effort.

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