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Engage visitors, employees, and customers with dynamic content shown across interactive walls.

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Today, companies are turning to technology to attract users’ attention with digital signage that shows navigation through buildings, locate amenities, and even advertisements or news updates. LED walls, projectors, and freestanding displays allow anyone to access information quickly anywhere in a building or across an entire complex.

Digital signage and the technology needed to run the content you wish to display come in many different forms. With the help of our engineers, we work with top-rated panel, projector, and application manufacturers, so we know exactly what options you can choose from and what you need. The final goal is to get the best flexible technology solution to display the right types of information to the right users.

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What We Do

Design & Deploy

From design to implementation, our team manages the entire process to take the worry out of meeting all your requirements and deadlines.

Managed Services

We continue to monitor and manage your equipment to get the most uptime and remove technology headaches that come up along the way.

Data & Reporting

Save time and money with data insights. Know your next step with analytics to help see business, workflow, and technology trends in your organization.

modern lobby with small meeting rooms



The return of employees to offices is prompting many companies to reimagine how their workspaces may look. The result has been some innovative spaces, such as large media rooms that are now divided into three or four huddle rooms. Even large lobbies are adding technology to allow for ad-hoc meetings. Getting the right technology in place for each unique space requires an expert. They need to ensure the tech, audio, and visual features are all working as they should.



A command system is essential for dispatch, communications, and swift decision-making. Because of this, when it comes to monitoring large amounts of information as it’s generated, you do not want technology to lag or fail to function at any time. Command and operating systems must be at their peak performance 24×7, which is why we use the latest technologies to ensure that your team is constantly connected, informed, and running as smoothly as possible.

Man looking at screens in command center
retail store with LCD interactive screen



Companies in the retail, restaurant, hospitality and service industries are all looking for ways to attract new customers and make their shopping experiences memorable. Digital signage solutions, such as product catalogs and menus, provide customers with quick access to a company’s entire inventory and even allow them to place orders. Even virtual concierge services are being used by service desks to assist front-end managers with guest requests.

“We are very excited about increasing our use of video conferencing and how it can help grow our business.”

Kyle Masur, Director of IT
The Heritage Group

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