Elevate your Telehealth

Enables seamless connectivity using robust technology for faster access to patient records, virtual doctor visits, diagnostic tools, and more.

Make Best-in-Class Healthcare the New Standard

Reduce cost and increase patient and staff care with superior telehealth technology and HIPAA-certified IT support.

Reduce costs

Reduce cost by augmenting staff with virtual observation.

Doctors and patients are our priority

Streamline patient and practitioner experience.

Efficiency is the goal

Access patient records and doctor's orders faster.

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Find out what a complete telehealth solution looks like.

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Designed to blend the latest in healthcare video
conferencing platforms with advanced usability,
VCS-CARE gets the most out of your investment. This
results in a reliable, versatile workstation that enables
you to fully leverage the power of your telehealth practice.

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VCS-OBSERVE is an intuitive and robust solution that includes a pan/tilt/zoom night vision camera and up to three hot-swappable batteries.

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The VCS-SEE is built with a light and swift design, ideal for telehealth consolation
between patients, doctors, and specialists.

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Improve administrative efficiency and patient safety
by using VCS-GO to take temperatures, deploy as a
contactless check-in kiosk, and handle co-payments
all before entering the doctor’s office.

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Designed to be an extension of your IT team, the dedicated Customer Support team helps your organization every step of the way to ensure smooth implementation and onboarding to get your telehealth practice up and running quickly.

Managed services
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Ready to find your telehealth solution?