Digital Signage

Upgrade your office with digital signage, wayfinding, and interactive directories that help visitors find what they’re looking for.

Delight Your Guests with a Digital Wow Factor

By using digital signage throughout commercial properties you can engage and inform your visitors while leaving an impression that sticks. A digital lobby signage system can provide real-time information to employees and visitors traveling between large buildings or across campuses. Visitors can use kiosks and interactive directories to locate business suites, restrooms, or other amenities, such as pools, restaurants, and conference centers.

IDS designers understand the value of engaging and informing guests with a complete digital experience. By understanding the visitor’s journey, IDS engineers plan where video walls and wayfinding displays should be located to maximize what educational and engaging information visitors will need to access while they’re walking around a building. Digital signage can also advertise items for sale in gift shops or let people order meals at any of the restaurants. Through these digital touchpoints, a unique visitor experience can be tailored for each individual and leave a lasting impression.

Upgrade your guest experience with digital signage.

What We Do

Design & Deploy

From design to implementation, our team manages the entire process to take the worry out of meeting all your requirements and deadlines.

Managed Services

We continue to monitor and manage your equipment to get the most uptime and remove technology headaches that come up along the way.

Data & Reporting

Save time and money with data insights. Know your next step with analytics to help see business, workflow, and technology trends in your organization.


The Heritage Group

The Heritage Group wanted a state-of-the-art multipurpose building where they could hold guest seminars, break-out rooms, and workspaces. The whole project took careful consideration of details and communication to understand the desire and goals of each area.

Large auditorium with smaller work areas

“We have better engagement with our colleagues, even overseas where English may not be their first language and facial expressions are that much more imporant.”


Business people using logitech equipment for video meeting


More and more organizations are returning to the office after months of working remotely. Discover what new technologies are available to make your transition to in-person, full-time remote, or hybrid settings work for you.