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Identify where resources should be allocated based on how your equipment and licenses are being used.  

Connecting telehealth platforms for scalable growth

The growth of telehealth programs makes standardizing and centralizing data an enormous challenge. So many different telehealth applications can make it difficult to measure key performance indicators consistently. TRP, powered by Ignis Health, allows telehealth managers to view aggregated financial reports, EMRs, and call data activity on customizable dashboards.

The click of a single download button saves countless hours of manually collecting information from multiple sources. TRP’s platform can quickly access data from your telehealth endpoints for a comprehensive picture of vital decision-making data.

Find out where your data can take you.

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Like many health systems operating in large, mostly rural states, Allina Health used to face challenges servicing areas outside of metropolitan locations. That’s why Allina Health turned to telemedicine with data analytics to expand their physician’s and specialists’ ability to contact patients in rural communities.



A centralized data system allows you to collect and analyze data from all endpoints and platforms to determine your telehealth program’s success. You can create custom dashboards to sort by specialty, appointment types, performing physicians, payer types, and more.

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“For the majority of our providers, they’ve found it easy to use, with high-quality video and audio. It was very positifely received.”

Paula Maidl, Manager of Virtual Care Technology
Allina Health


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