Best-in-class technology solutions help remote learning, telecommuting and virtual town hall meetings bring people together quickly and easily.

Customized, flexible and scalable solutions for any organization.

IDS customizable solutions are built with your organization’s technology goals and requirements in mind to create the best possible video deployment or conferencing system for you.

We serve as technology advisor and project manager for a complete IT implementation and ongoing maintenance providers. Our team proactively anticipates the technology needs of your organization along with testing and analytics to limit downtime and costly upgrades.

Discover what a complete technology
solution can do for your organization.

Managed video services for any industry

Custom video systems from IDS make it possible to elevate your team to the next level.


Now more than ever government agencies are leveraging technology to augment staff and reach further communities using unified communications platforms to implement virtual town hall meetings, security and emergency operations stations.


Online classes, virtual teachers and remote learning have become the new normal for countless school districts. With the right distant learning tools, like digital whiteboards, microphones and speakers, teachers can seamlessly continue to educate with minimal learning disruptions.


Telecommuters and remote workers are now located in cities, neighborhoods and rural home offices around the world. To ensure your local, regional and global teams stay connected, support them with the right technology.

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Room-based video solutions

With a suite of video conferencing room systems designed for a range of remote, virtual or hybrid digital environments, IDS complete solutions will keep teams, classes and organization connected.

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On-premise solutions

An on-premise solution can provide the same level of functionality as with the cloud but with an additional layer of control. An on-premise solution can be managed by your local IT staff or our Managed Services team.

Managed Services for Enterprise

Designed to be an extension of your IT team, the dedicated Customer Support team helps your organization every step of the way to ensure smooth implementation and onboarding to get you up and running quickly.

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