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The video conferencing industry is booming. Video solutions range from large video-enabled boardrooms with monitors on the walls to smartphones apps that anyone can use on their personal devices. Through the expansion of video conferencing capabilities, working from home has become more popular and accessible. In addition to connecting distant co-workers, video conferencing can reduce travel expenses by hosting meetings remotely.

It’s very easy to adopt video conferencing, even for those with limited computer knowledge, since a few buttons can connect you to a video conference in just a few seconds. As a result, technology laggards have been able to capitalize on the simplicity of video conferencing to accomplish more. That’s why we tailor our video conferencing solutions specifically to your business, no matter what previous capabilities you may have.

Work smarter with video conferencing.

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More and more organizations are returning to the office after months of working remotely. Discover what new technologies are available to make your transition to in-person, full-time remote, or hybrid settings work for you.



Whether your office needs multiple smaller rooms for collaboration or large boardrooms for the whole team, digital solutions should be a part of any productive team’s plan. We look at each room and design it with state-of-the-art technology that keeps teams connected.

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forum credit union

FORUM Credit Union’s administrative team was operating in a uniquely designed boardroom that had dated technology. After employees returned to the office post-COVID, they had a mix of on-site, remote, and hybrid workers. They needed to update the room’s hardware and find a better technology solution to meet their new challenges.

“We are very excited about increasing our use of video conferencing and how it can help grow our business.”

Kyle Masur, Director of IT
The Heritage Group