Return to Office

When and how to return employees to the office.

what do employees want
when returning to the office?

There’s a mix of ideas from employees as to what they want when returning to the office post-pandemic. We help you discover what works best for your teams and implement the technology to get you there.
*Jll Report, 2020

Continue working from home

An office to collaborate
or run meetings

Wider choice of workspace
options in the office

Optional co-working facilities
from time to time


Frequently Asked Questions

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Work-life balance, healthy lifestyle, and having a clear purpose within the company. The crisis has driven employees to rethink their priorities and a renewed focus on their quality of life, human interaction, and personal values. Employers must adapt to these evolving needs to attract and retain future talent.
Announce reopening plans well in advance. Many employees harbor concerns about how safe the workplace will be. Communicate your company’s reopening plan to employees well in advance of the actual date. Communications should indicate the actual safety measures you’ll have in place, as well as enhance perceptions of safety. For example, if employees commute primarily via mass transit, they’ll also be seeking guidance or reassurance about the safety of their journeys to work.

Define and communicate your hybrid work strategy. Gartner’s 2021 Hybrid Work Employee Survey of more than 2,400 knowledge workers found that 54% of employees agreed that their employer’s approach to flexibility will impact whether they’ll stay at their organization. A hybrid approach will allow employers to meet employees’ new flexibility preferences.
Yes. Go to the billing section of your dashboard and update your payment information.
Dedicated solo space. Employees want a dedicated area to focus on solo work. While offices will need to become great places for collaboration, they will also have to accommodate for individuals working along and remote collaboration through isolation spaces and technologies to support meetings with remote colleagues
Establishing the right technology mix that supports both individuals and in-person teams is crucial for productivity.