Next Generation Remote Patient Monitoring

Today, telehealth services provider, Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS), introduced its most significant hardware and software update yet. The MedSitter Mobile Cart has been beautifully redesigned with dual-cameras equipped with omni-directional night vision functionality. Nurses and patient observation staff no longer need to be concerned with dark hospital rooms or equipment placement to effectively observe patients at night. With the latest MedSitter offering, staff can simultaneously observe multiple patients, regardless of location and lighting.

Historically, rooms need to be well-lit for human 1:1 or traditional observation technology, negatively impacting a patient’s ability to sleep and rest, which is essential to the healing process. With MedSitter’s new update, observers can monitor patients remotely and unobtrusively, without sacrificing on image quality or safety. There is a definite need for constant patient observation, and ​MedSitter’s cloud-based platform can dramatically reduce costs while delivering continuous real-time monitoring. MedSitter increases overall security and safety staff and patients alike.

As an industry-leading virtual patient observation solution, MedSitter is a proven-effective monitoring tool. “This is our most powerful and advanced MedSitter cart to-date, improving upon our existing high-performing vision intelligence technology,” said Nicholas Luthy, IDS’ VP of Product. “It was essential to us that our night vision offering be a true night vision capable platform. A full 360° PTZ device with click-and-go support as well as infrared illumination that tracks with the camera lens, ensures that there are no blind spots in the patient room, which is a market-leading innovation.”

Using the latest version of MedSitter will lead to better outcomes for everyone: hospitals, patients, and staff. This latest version means that nothing is visually lost to the staff that are observing remotely. “Night vision transforms the most iconic elements of the MedSitter experience,” Luthy adds. “With night vision capabilities that extend to any corner of the room and not just where the cart is pointed, the sitters and the platform obtain key context of the patient’s experience. The vision intelligence layer continues to process people counting, proactive motion detection, and our innovative luminosity detection.”

Additional MedSitter Features

  • Bi-directional Audio & Video
  • Omni-directional Night Vision
  • Proactive Motion Detection
  • Single Click Communications
  • Far-End Camera Control
  • Notes & Event Logging
  • Patient Dignity (Privacy) Mode​
  • Language Translation & Interpretation
  • Rapid Response Implementation™
  • HIPAA Trained Customer Care


The next generation MedSitter Mobile Cart with night-vision capabilities is available today. For more information, contact IDS at 877-880-0022.