New Telehealth Integration Solution: IDS & ViTel Net Partner to Elevate Healthcare Workflows

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As a healthcare professional navigating the complexities of telehealth, you understand the importance of seamless telehealth integration solutions and efficient healthcare workflows. Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS) and ViTel Net recognize these challenges and have united their expertise to empower you with cutting-edge telehealth capabilities.

How We’re Empowering Telehealth Leaders

At the forefront of telehealth innovation and healthcare workflows, IDS and ViTel Net have forged a strategic partnership built on elevating telehealth solutions and supporting healthcare organizations like yours. You’re already handling a million things at once; you don’t have to add this to your plate.

At IDS, we’re renowned for video collaboration solutions, and ViTel Net is a pioneer in virtual care technology. Together, we are here to provide a better and tailored solution for your telehealth workflow integration needs so you can focus more on your other priorities.

Streamlined Workflows for Optimal Efficiency

We also understand your challenges in integrating telehealth into your existing healthcare workflows, especially regarding telehealth EHR integration. From not knowing where to start with telehealth integrations or how to begin, this is an area you don’t have to worry about anymore. ViTel Net’s “no code” configurable workflow platform seamlessly integrates with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, allowing you to easily streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

Say goodbye to administrative hassles and hello to smoother telehealth operations.

Enhanced Telehealth Experiences for You

IDS brings unparalleled expertise in video communication technology and clinical endpoint solutions to the table. By harnessing IDS’s solutions alongside ViTel Net’s innovative software, you can elevate your telehealth experiences and deliver superior patient care and staff experiences.

IDS is not a reseller. We design fully integrated rooms and custom telehealth workflow experiences. Our team specializes in telehealth audio and visual capabilities and takes enormous pride in our work.

When it comes to healthcare workflows, we don’t just think of the now; we think of everything. With IDS at the helm of your telehealth initiative, you gain access to an expert team that knows how to navigate and deliver your telehealth needs.

Additionally, that team is with you before, during, and after to ensure you get the support you deserve and want. From the design and installation to customer care services and industry connections, the goal is to make your telehealth integration solution successful from start to finish and into the future.

Putting Your Telehealth Needs First

As a telehealth leader, your satisfaction is our priority, which means it’s not about making a sale. With IDS’s 24/7 helpdesk option and ViTel Net’s commitment to interoperability, you can trust in uninterrupted support, seamless integration, and having trusted partners by your side.

We’re here to empower you every step of the way.

The partnership between IDS and ViTel Net is more than just a collaboration—it’s a commitment to revolutionizing telehealth delivery. Together, we’re equipping you with the tools and solutions you need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of virtual care.

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