Worry-Free Virtual Monitoring Solution Implementation

At IDS, we view our MedSitter Virtual Patient Observation program as an innovative solution. Our goal has been to provide a disruptive product to the patient observation market that addresses technical, financial, and operational innovations.

We spend a great deal of time speaking with our customers, prospects, and industry contacts. One of the significant pain points identified as a common conversation topic is the challenge of implementing new technology. Often, other solutions are complex and lengthy to implement; they require significant investment of time and resources by the provider’s clinical team; and are often fraught with challenges and delays.

To address these challenges and concerns, we’ve crafted our 4-4-4 Program. 4-4-4 is our approach to implementation that is designed to implement swiftly but yet effectively. What is 4-4-4? Well, on average, we find that for an initial installation it takes us about 4 hours to technically unpack, power, and connect equipment. We provide 4 days of clinical education and onboarding support. And, we back that with a 4 week risk-free proving period.

You may ask: What’s the catch? Well, the “catch” is really in the preparation. We work with your team in advance to ensure network readiness, preview demos, and remote training primers have occurred. These sessions aren’t unduly burdensome on time, but provide extreme benefit to your team in terms of preparedness and context for when we arrive on site.

4 hours for technical implementation – In our average implementation, when all the planning has been executed upon prior to our arrival, we find that a typical site deployment takes about 4 hours. We achieve this through innovations in preparation, shipping, and remote device management. We unpack, connect, and validate connectivity of the devices and our remote teams are able to confirm configuration and ensure connections are as planned.

4 days of Clinical Education and on-boarding – An important – and included – aspect of our offering is our clinical implementation and education. Our clinical resources will become an extension of your team providing guidance on policies, procedures, and workflow. We sit with your staff and train them as they become familiar and comfortable with the platform. And we continue our involvement with a regular cadence of conversations and outcomes review after we leave your site.

4 weeks as a risk free proving period – We genuinely want you to have confidence in our system and to prove that we provide you with a period of 4 weeks to use the system fully. If after 4 weeks you feel that the system isn’t for you, we allow you to exit your agreement with us without steep financial penalties.

Our approach to MedSitter will continue to see and drive innovations across our entire offering, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.