3 Video Conferencing Features You Can Get with IDS

Ever since early 2020, part of our IDS team has been working remotely, and we are willing to bet that the same is true of other organizations. As a video conferencing integrator, we find hybrid workforces really exciting because the proper video conferencing set up can enable your team to work together seamlessly, regardless of whether or not everyone is physically in the office.  

We have set up our main conference room to support a hybrid workforce by installing a Zoom Room supported by Logitech equipment. Let’s take a look at our top three video conferencing features you can get when you partner with IDS.  

  1. Tap Scheduler from Logitech. Tap Scheduler makes it easy to see meeting details and reserve a room for ad hoc or future meetings. Easily deploy as a purpose-built scheduling panel for leading room scheduling solutions to help workers find and claim the right space. Tap Scheduler also allows people to see at a glance when it is and isn’t in use, even if the door is closed.  
  1. Whiteboard Camera by Logitech. White boarding is vital for brainstorming and note taking, and a lot of people have found it difficult to replicate in a remote environment. With Zoom’s scribe—a camera sitting above the white board—it actually broadcasts the notes that are taken live in the room to everyone at home. With team members in dozens of states, this feature alone can do a lot to unify everyone.  
  1. A Seamless Connection to Remote Colleagues. It’s easy to launch a zoom meeting right from a conference room. Remote colleagues can join seamlessly and see everyone in the room. And if you want to screenshare during the meeting? The Logitech Switcher attaches right to your laptop and allows you to run the meeting through your computer, including screenshare capabilities that broadcasts to everyone joining remotely.  

If you are looking for a video conferencing set up, look no further than IDS. We implement solutions like this all the time but even better than that—we use these systems ourselves. Our IT team is familiar with both Zoom and Logitech, so we can be your one point of contact for both set up and support. No need to deal with two different companies and their help desks, we can do it all for you.  

If your organization is ready to install a perfect video conferencing solution, visit our Contact Us page now to get IDS experts on the project! We can handle all the set up for you.