Advantages of Using Audio Video Installation Companies

At IDS, we partner with the best video conferencing vendors in the industry to bring you top-of-the-line hardware and software. As an integrator, we are not limited by our own product line. We have the freedom to choose the product that truly fits your needs best. Our only agenda is to build the very best solution for you with the very best audio video installation.

Our services go well beyond simple support to include a suite of hardware and software maintenance services that ensure our clients always have a functioning, easy-to-use video communication system. Take a look below at the advantages of using audio video installation companies like IDS.

Customer Support

Every project is different with its own challenges, which is why the IDS team works with each customer to understand the overall goals of their projects. From design to implementation, our team manages the entire process to take the worry out of meeting all your requirements and deadlines. Our US-based customer support team is well versed in the best hardware and software available for video conferencing. We are longtime partners of video conferencing juggernauts like ZoomLogitechCybernet, and more. These hardware and software providers trust us to understand and support their products. When a video conferencing system breaks, it can be difficult to discern which element of the solution needs attention. With IDS customer support, end-users only place one call. Our representatives are well-versed in every element of the installed solution and can trouble-shoot whatever issue has arisen. We are committed to one-call resolutions and are available 24x7x365.

Software Maintenance

Software enhancements are made every day, which means that the software you installed last year or even last month may not be maximizing efficiency. In today’s world, it is vital that your system works smoothly. If the system is not reliable, easy to use, and made a part of the regular care providers offer to patients, then the system will go unused and your investment will have been wasted. The IDS team will work with you to define your care delivery workflows, conceptualize/workshop the addition of telehealth services, and then install, maintain, and manage the solution of your choice. Once installation is complete, IDS can provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the continued success of your solution.

With IDS software maintenance, the IDS team will keep whatever software you are using on the cutting edge with updates, upgrades, and remote installations. You do not have to wait for something to break to make improvements. In fact, with IDS software maintenance, technology breakdowns can be avoided entirely.

Hardware Warranty

Video communication software is useless without high-quality hardware for delivery. IDS partners with hardware suppliers like CybernetTryten, and Logitech to offer the best solutions possible. Whether your team chooses to connect via video on laptops, VCS telehealth carts, or on mobile devices, IDS has got you covered. Our team is well versed in the functionality and IT set up of the most popular telehealth hardware on the market, and we can help you to install them in your facility. With the IDS hardware warranty, you receive unlimited repairs and part replacement coverage for anything purchased through IDS.

What You Get Specifically with IDS Integration  

IDS provides video communication, AV integration, and managed services to organizations looking to improve communication and technology strategies. We work with leading technology providers to create complete end-to-end technology and platform solutions. Our monitoring and management services are available 24x7x365 to ensure that our customers’ systems remain optimized with maximum uptime. With IDS integrated video conferencing, you can: 

  • Stay focused and tuned in to each attendee. Proactive technologies like RightSense from Logitech give you easy-to-access, efficient meetings with no manual setup, intervention, or support required. Get conversational clarity, cameras that automatically adjust and move, and the perfect lighting conditions.  
  • Seamlessly start, join, and schedule meetings. Prepare for remote or in-person video meetings with a seamless, integrated setup. Video conferencing room solutions with Logitech Tap include one-touch join, calendar integration, instant content sharing, and always-on readiness. Logitech Room Solutions include the components needed to launch and run meetings that reach all attendees no matter where they are located. 
  • Engage with attendees in-person or remote. When your team needs to share information, Logitech Scribe makes it easy. Scribe’s Al-powered whiteboard cameras work seamlessly with video conferencing services to share whiteboard content during video meetings with outstanding clarity. 

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