Case Study: Fully Integrated Video Conferencing Solution

Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS) can provide a video distribution system, AV integration, and managed services to organizations looking to improve communication and technology strategies. We design, deploy, integrate, and manage your projects throughout the whole process for a completely unique solution that works for you. 

How can you be sure IDS is right for your company? One of the best ways is hearing testimonial from another organization currently partnered with us. Don’t take our word for it. You can see the evidence yourself. We use case studies to demonstrate exactly how we handle projects to help you visualize what you can do with your own organization.  

In this full case study, you will learn how IDS helped one county completely transform their video conferencing system.

The Problem

Contra Costa County was in need of a new audiovisual system in order to connect all county staff members. They were looking for a way to make the system efficient and easy to use, and ensure uptake amongst the County staff based at the building. To achieve this Wayne Tilley, Deputy Director of IT at Contra Costa County, knew that it would be important to integrate remote working functionality as well as the growing number of software programs that enable seamless collaboration including Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

The Solution

Contra Costa County worked with IDS to integrate all desirable functions.

“We worked with IDS, a company that specializes in exactly the sort of technology ‘refresh’ we were looking for,” Tilley says. “In particular, being platform agnostic and having the ability to switch between programs such as Teams, Zoom or Whiteboard-type tasks – without switching devices. The Avocor display devices we chose are platform agnostic so ideally suited to our requirements. Not only that, with their ability to integrate seamlessly with our Crestron control system ensured we had full utility across our audiovisual system.”

The Future

The IDS and Contra Costa County partnership doesn’t end here. Contra Costa County has more plans for upgrading their video conferencing system in the future.

The Vision: Create public-facing collaboration centers. There will be learning opportunities for new mothers, details about local social services, and more!

The Execution: An expert can host a video meeting that will connect to collaboration rooms all across the county using Avocor’s hardware. Instead of the expert having to travel to multiple libraries or health clinics, they can host one meeting, and the public can connect from their closest public building.

The Goal: The goal is simplicity and an expansion of access. These new projects will provide expanded access to experts that may not be local.

To read about the results, download the full case study here.

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