Connect Teams with Impressive AV Installation

Audiovisual technology is crucial to bringing your message to audiences of any size. Audio and visual technology can be incorporated into a space in many different ways, and there are many things to consider when designing the space. Today, AV installation is expected to combine technology with clarity, accessibility, and simplicity to engage presenters and participants. 

No matter if you’re looking to boost your efficiency, incorporate digital presentations, or exchange information seamlessly between meeting attendees and presenters, our team can design a solution for your specific technology needs.  

What IDS Provides 

With every A/V integration project, our design engineers determine the best mic placement, speaker systems, and visual aids (projectors, monitors, or digital walls) to remove any technology complications. We combine these elements to create the most conducive possible environment for presentations, team meetings, keynote speakers, teaching, and communicating so that you can continue doing your best work without technology interfering: 

  • Audio Technology for Everybody. Microphones and speakers are what make presentations feel personal. Whether it’s a small huddle space for video conferences or large auditoriums with multiple stages, our engineer team understands the goals of your space to best equip it. 
  • Audience Engagement with Crystal Clear Visual Tools. Visual technology is a standard tool used by anyone who wants to communicate with large crowds or remote attendees. Cameras, monitors, projectors, and digital walls are different ways presenters can use video communication to engage and delight their audience or share documents and ideas. 
  • Interactive Technologies Help to Express Ideas. More and more innovative technologies are making it easier to interact with other people. Our digital engineer team helps to incorporate digital whiteboarding and touchscreens to make exchanging information seamless between meeting attendees and presenters. 

How IDS Does It 

We provide video communication, AV integration, and managed services to organizations looking to improve communication and technology strategies. We work with leading technology providers to create complete end-to-end technology and platform solutions. Our monitoring and management services available 24x7x365 ensure that our customers’ systems remain optimized with maximum uptime.   

  • Design & Deploy: Every project is different with its own challenges, which is why we work with each customer to understand the overall goals of their projects. From design to implementation, our team manages the entire process to take the worry out of meeting all your requirements and deadlines.  
  • Managed Services: Our Managed Services are a suite of hardware and software support services, along with a completely US-based Customer Support team that allows your organization to easily deploy, use, and scale video conferencing solutions. We also continue to monitor and manage your equipment to get the most uptime and remove technology headaches that come up along the way.  
  • Data & Reporting: With IDS, you can identify where your resources should be allocated based on how your equipment and licenses are being used. You can save time and money with data insights. Know your next step with analytics to help see business, workflow, and technology trends in your organization.  

Still Not Convinced?  

Read University of Houston at Sugar Land’s story, about how AV installation worked for them, with IDS.   

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