Grant-Funded Telehealth with IDS

It is that time of year again: grant applications. Are you ready for this year’s open grant application season? IDS has a whole lineup of grant-qualified telehealth solutions, IT services, interactive video equipment, and telemedicine peripherals. But before you get started, we’ve created a few steps you can take to help you come out a champion.

Did we mention that applicants can be awarded up to $1 million? You don’t want to miss this.


Grants are available for hospitals and healthcare facilities to start, upgrade, and expand their telemedicine services. However, deadlines for many grants are quickly approaching. So keep reading to figure out if you are eligible.


Eligibility is the first big component of grant applications. Even if you don’t think your healthcare organization falls into one of the eligible categories below, IDS can help you discover areas of your practice that may help you to qualify.

The list of areas that qualify include, but are not limited to:

  • Education
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Nonprofit Hospitals
  • Rural Health Clinics
  • Mental Health Centers
  • Local Health Departments or Agencies
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Community Healthcare Centers

What You Can Use Grant Money For

Funding from grants can help your organization update technology, expand into new markets, and grow its telemedicine offerings to keep up with today’s healthcare expectations. The whole lineup of IDS telehealth solutions is eligible for federal funding opportunities, which makes it easy to design a completely customized telehealth program that meets your organization’s goals.

  • TELEHEALTH CARTS. IDS telehealth carts meet all the needs of your demanding healthcare staff. There are a wide range of options—from light tablet-styles carts for contactless check-ins to complete workstations on wheels.
  • TELEMEDICINE PERIPHERALS. Connected peripherals, including remote patient monitoring devices, give your clinician team a cutting-edge advantage when it comes to quickly assessing and diagnosing patients, even at home.
  • DATA AND REPORTING. IDS data and analytics support enterprise-wide reporting by combining multiple data sources to gain actionable insights on everything.

How IDS Can Help

If your organization is new to applying for grants – or even if you’re a veteran player – having a guide like IDS can help with the entire process. We can help you to conceptualize an upgraded solution, connect you with professional grant writers, and execute your plan once grant funds are received.

Let’s break down exactly how IDS can help you every step of the way throughout the whole process:

  1. IDS helps your organization understand its goals and customizes a grant-qualified telehealth solution with best-in-class technology, equipment, training and support.
  • IDS can help your organization engage with grant writing professionals if needed to ensure your application meets as many qualifications as possible.
  • IDS provides accurate itemized lists of equipment and quotes to make the application process easier and save time.
  • IDS implements and supports the entire telehealth solution so that you can take advantage of all the grant funds awarded to you.

Ready to learn more? Contact IDS here to discover what a complete video solution can do for you.