How IDS and Veta Health Can Improve Your Telehealth Solution

IDS provides video communication, AV integration, and managed services businesses, healthcare facilities, and public services across the nation. We partner with the best video conferencing vendors in the industry to bring you top-of-the-line hardware and software. As an integrator, we are not limited by our own product line. We have the freedom to choose the product that truly fits your needs best. Our only agenda is to build the very best solution for you and your telehealth needs. So how can IDS improve your telehealth solution?

We will answer that question and more in our upcoming presentation: How IDS and Veta Health Can Improve Your Telehealth Solution. The presentation is scheduled to take place at 12pm ET on Wednesday, May 17. We will be co-hosting with Veta Health, one of our premiere partners.

Telehealth Carts

Telehealth carts allow physicians to visit more patients and consult with other members of the healthcare team. By communicating via video conferencing and sharing documents, healthcare professionals can provide a higher level of care. To meet this demand, IDS created its Virtual Care Series (VCS) of telehealth carts that are designed to support a wide variety of healthcare services.

VCS Carts

Our VCS carts combine industry-leading manufacturers with the latest in technology.

We’ve created a simple-to-use yet durable solution for healthcare systems. VCS carts make it easy to start a telehealth practice, expand services and equipment, or update legacy technology with:

  • Versatile workstations
  • Agile carts to easily maneuver
  • Night vision cameras
  • Large touchscreen monitors
  • Full HD cameras

The Complete Telehealth Solution


To most end users, the measure of a strong telehealth solution is the quality and ease-of-use of the video connectivity. Choosing the right telehealth platform is arguably the most important decision telehealth solution managers make.  

Download the white paper to see our video connectivity partners. 


A seamless care delivery workflow separates excellent patient care from mediocre and even subpar care. Tragically, it is the element most often overlooked when it comes to installing a comprehensive telehealth solution. A smooth an effective telehealth workflow should include skills-based routing, EMR/EHR integration, interpretation & translation services, and more. 

Download the white paper to see our workflow partners. 


Within a healthcare facility, telehealth hardware must meet a variety of standards in order to be used safely with patients. IDS has brought together the best healthcare hardware in the industry to create our Virtual Care Series (VCS) Carts for optimal telehealth connection. 

Download the white paper to see our hardware partners. 


Program management is needed to design the telehealth rollout and management, project manage the installation or upgrade process, configure the technology to fit your facility, test the solution, and train end users. The IDS team is well versed in program management, having designed, installed, and managed hundreds of telehealth solutions in healthcare facilities across the nation.  


Data & analytics, usage reports, return on investment analysis, and recommended changes are invaluable to making telehealth solution more efficient and more effective. Most telehealth software providers fail to offer comprehensive data & reporting services, so telehealth program managers must rely on third party providers. Not with IDS. 

Download the white paper to see our data & reporting partners. 


As an ongoing service, your telehealth solution will continue to update and evolve. Technical and customer care support is vital for keeping your program running and for keeping your end-users happy. IDS can provide that centralized support. Our team is platform agnostic, meaning we can support any telehealth software and/or hardware your facility has chosen to use, 24x7x365. 


Every patient entering the hospital has a reasonable expectation of safety. Unfortunately, patient falls are still a tragic reality in facilities across the nation. Remote patient observation is a fantastic and unobtrusive way to keep patients safe without overburdening staff resources.  

Download the white paper to see our remote observation partner. 

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