How IDS Helps Everyone Manage In-Person, Hybrid, and Remote at Once

Ever since early 2020, part of our IDS team has been working remotely, and we are willing to bet that the same is true of other organizations. When looking towards a future where employees work in a combination of in-person, hybrid, and remotely across the world, maintaining seamless communication has posed a great challenge. At IDS, we partner with the best video conferencing vendors in the industry to bring you top-of-the-line hardware and software. As an integrator, we are not limited by our own product line. We have the freedom to choose the product that truly fits your needs best. That is how IDS uniquely helps everyone manage In-Person, Hybrid, and Remote at once: by building the very best solution for you regardless of whether or not everyone is physically in the office.

Ever since remote work began to boom in 2020, video meetings have replaced in-person meetings. As video conferencing has become more normalized, there has been more research looking into how video conferencing has affected remote workers over the last few years.

According to Dimensional Research, from 2021 to 2022, time in meetings grew (56%), as well as the total number of hours worked (57%). This extra time generated increased productivity (47%) and the feeling of having more work schedule flexibility (67%). However, there are some serious negative trends as well, such as increasing personal fatigue (47%) which was a top concern cited earlier by workers. (Source: Dimensional Research).

Recommendations [to improve meeting fatigue] fall into better meeting technology: the ability to stand up and move around (37%), removing unwanted background noise (24%), non-verbal participation such as chat, gestures, or polls (24%), virtual back- grounds (22%), better camera locations and improved microphones (19%), hand-off meetings between devices (18%), and, lastly, the ability to personalize their video meeting solution (Source: Dimensional Research). IDS helps solve this problem by utilizing the power of good technology: when your computer works; when you can hear everyone clearly; when your screen is not freezing every few minutes; when you can actually see the persons you are speaking to. All of these things affect video meeting fatigue and the quality of work your company procedures.

At IDS we support your communication by designing, building, and supporting conference room set-ups like the ones that we use every day. If you choose to work with IDS, this is the project flow you can expect:

  1. Design. Your communication needs are unique – and you need a video conferencing solution to match. We approach every project with fresh eyes and will work with you to understand the overall goals of your conference room installation. We will customize designs to accommodate unique spaces and will create a solution that best fits your needs. We have seen and done it all!
  2. Build. Our onsite team will come to you to personally handle the installation of your hardware and software. We only use best-in-class technologies with future-proofing design that will maximize your uptime and the longevity of your investment.
  3. Support. Our relationship does not end once the conference room is installed. Through our managed services package you can keep in touch with us all the time. Our 24×7 support desk can act as your one point of contact. We will ensure that your solution continues to serve your needs efficiently and effectively.

Our IDS team worked to solve this problem in the Avocor case study; Matthew Rhodes, Director of Sales for North America at IDS also describes the project in the case study: “We designed the system to be extremely flexible and during the pandemic the client was able to move to a hybrid approach that allowed people to both tune in remotely to council sessions as well as be present in person, socially distanced, of course.” This project offers a fantastic demonstration of how IDS works with key partners to design custom solutions that are tailored to fit clients’ needs. If you’re ready to see what hybrid office transformation might look like, Contact Us here and speak to an integration professional to see what flexible working solution would fit your needs.