How One Organization Upgraded Their Video System

Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS) provides video communication, AV integration, and managed services to organizations looking to improve communication and technology strategies. We design, deploy, integrate, and manage your projects throughout the whole process for a completely unique solution that works for you.   

How can you be sure IDS is right for your company? One of the best ways is hearing testimonial from another organization currently partnered with us. Don’t take our word for it. You can see the evidence yourself. We use case studies to demonstrate exactly how we handle projects to help you visualize what you can do with your own organization.  

In this full case study, you will learn how IDS helped one school district upgrade its video distribution system for all classrooms. 

The Problem 

Pendleton County School District in Kentucky is comprised of four school buildings and serves over 2,600 K-12 students. In 2010, the district underwent a project to renovate its facilities. As part of the renovation project, the district decided to upgrade its video distribution system for all classrooms.  

Before the upgrade, the classrooms were equipped with VCRs and TV tuner cards that were used by the teachers to display programming in the classrooms. However, during the renovation, VCRs became missing or non-functional, standard definition (SD) televisions were becoming obsolete, and digital media requests were becoming more popular with the staff. 

This kicked off the process of finding a digital streaming solution that would allow them to deliver media to all classrooms seamlessly over the existing Local Area Network (LAN). 

The Solution 

Michelle Crowley, CIO for the district, was first introduced to the VBrick EtherneTV system at a tradeshow. After further research, she discovered that the VBrick solution may be eligible for funding through the federal E-Rate program. The E-Rate program makes discounts available to eligible K-12 schools and libraries for telecommunication services, Internet access, and internal connections.  

Pendleton County Schools decided to implement the VBrick EtherneTV solution to provide streaming audio/video distribution to all 200 classrooms. The VBrick solution gives each classroom access to live and on-demand content including TV channels, purchased media, and self-created content. Teachers have individual control from their laptops where they can select media content based on search criteria as it relates to the applicable curriculum. 

The Results 

The IDS team installed and configured the solution in just three days and provided training to the Pendleton network administrator, media specialists, and teachers. The Pendleton students and staff have found the solution to be simple to use, easy to manage, and full of endless possibilities as it pertains to media distribution and management.  

Want to know the full results of this partnership? Read the full case study here, and find out how Pendleton County Schools and Interactive Digital Solutions worked together to solve their problem.