Video Streaming Required: Introducing Indiana House Bill 1167

Introducing Indiana House Bill 1167

Government transparency has been a hot topic in recent years. Citizens crave engagement and desire a deeper connection with their elected officials, understanding how important it is to be active participants in the democratic process. Enter Indiana House Bill 1167, a groundbreaking legislation that promises to revolutionize the way we access and engage with our government.

House Bill 1167 is all about opening doors. Its primary objective is to promote government transparency by requiring state and local agencies (excluding state-supported colleges or universities) to provide live transmissions of public meetings. This means that citizens will be able to tune in to official meetings in real-time from the comfort of their homes or on-the-go, using a publicly accessible platform. Not only will you be able to watch meetings as they happen, but the bill also mandates that the governing bodies maintain an archive of the live transmissions.

One of the most significant advantages of House Bill 1167 is its emphasis on inclusivity. Not everyone can attend meetings physically, whether due to health concerns, distance, work schedules, or other commitments. With live streaming and archiving, the bill accommodates citizens from all walks of life, making it easier than ever to participate in civic affairs.

State and local agencies have until July 1, 2025 to comply with these new requirements. This is where IDS comes in.

Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS): Your Local AV Integrator

IDS is headquartered in Noblesville, IN. We are a locally owned and operated audio & video integrator, which means that we specialize in designing, installing, and supporting video communication solutions. We operate nationwide, but with a particularly strong presence in our home state of Indiana.

We have helped local governments, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and law firms with their video communication needs. We even provide ongoing support for the systems we help to set up. We specialize in customized solutions that are hyper-targeted to client needs. We maintain dozens of supplier relationships, so that we can truly select the best product for your use case and workflows.

Video streaming solutions are right in our wheelhouse. We can help you to quickly and efficiently set up a system that will keep you in compliance with Indiana House Bill 1167.

IDS is here to provide a solution that complies with the new mandates no matter the budget, size, or technical aptitude. So reach out to us today to get yourselves set up with video streaming capabilities. We offer 20 years of design, deployment, support, and data analytics to AV and video communication, empowering video communication to better achieve inclusivity.

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