Learn How This Organization Saved Time and Money with IDS Video Communications 

Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS) provides video communication, AV integration, and managed services to organizations looking to improve communication and technology strategies. We design, deploy, integrate, and manage your projects throughout the whole process for a completely unique solution that works for you. 

How can you be sure IDS is right for your company? One of the best ways is hearing testimonial from another organization currently partnered with us. Don’t take our word for it. You can see the evidence, yourself. We use case studies to demonstrate exactly how we handle projects to help you visualize what you can do with your own organization. 

In this full case study, you will learn how one organization decided to cut back on travel cost expenditures, which solution was used to establish virtual conferences for them, and how the staff now saves time and money using the new video conference solution.  

The Problem 

In northeast Florida, the Office of the Public Defender for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida was seeking ways to reduce costs. One of the larger budget expenditures each month was team travel costs. Every week, Matt Shirk, Public Defender, holds a team meeting with his staff of attorneys and administrators. They would drive in from several different counties, with at least a 45-minute drive in each direction. This contributed to high travel costs, a loss of productivity, and misalignment with “green” business initiatives.  

Matt, a big proponent of using technology to improve communication, thought of using video conferencing as a solution. He asked the department’s IT director, Joe Frasier for help finding a workable yet cost effective solution. “I knew traditional video conferencing systems were not going to work with our budget, so I had to search for something else,” Joe said.  

The Solution 

Joe began looking for a solution and as he suspected many traditional video conferencing solutions were simply not within the department’s budget and free offerings delivered too poor of quality to be considered. “We looked at several products where the video would stutter and there were major audio problems,” said Joe. They also wanted to stay away from a system that would charge monthly connection or recurring fees for licensing the software.  

The department also needed a simple-to-use interface and a system that would be compatible with PC computers. Finally, Joe turned to us, their integration partner, to learn more. Our team here at Interactive Digital Solutions immediately performed a demonstration for Joe, and he was hooked.  

The Results 

Want to know the results of this partnership? Read the full case study here, and find out how Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida, and Interactive Digital Solutions worked together to solve their problem.