Make Better Decisions with Telehealth Data Analytics

The growth of telehealth programs makes standardizing and centralizing data an enormous challenge. So many different telehealth applications can make it difficult to measure key performance indicators consistently. That’s where IDS comes in—helping you get your telehealth data analytics to make informed decisions.

IDS, partnered with Ignis Health, can help you identify where resources should be allocated based on how your equipment and licenses are being used. Teleheath Resource Program (TRP), powered by Ignis Health, allows telehealth managers to view aggregated financial reports, EMRs, and call data activity on customizable dashboards. The click of a single download button saves countless hours of manually collecting information from multiple sources. TRP’s platform can quickly access data from your telehealth endpoints for a comprehensive picture of vital decision-making data.

With IDS and Ignis Health, you can go beyond video analytics, and dive deep into how effectively you are using your telehealth platform.

Centralized Reporting

Reports from the TRP platform show data points from financial programs, EMRs, and video conferencing solutions that help you discover patterns in your organization to optimize business processes, technology usage, and staffing performance:

  • Data From All Angles. TRP interfaces with multiple IT and information systems to logically automate and visualize operational, financial, technical and clinical data in near real time regardless of the source of origin. Through the clinical data collection, TRP can measure clinical utilization metrics based off a variety of categories: number of telehealth encounters, referring site, performing physician, specialty, department, appointment type, visit or encounter type, modality and by payer.
  • Clinical Data. Clinical reports include outcomes of patients and patient populations to measure encounter and appointment types by specialty, location and provider. Reports can be customizable to generate data specific to each organization’s needs with the guidance of the clinical team.
  • Financial Data. Gain insight on the financial sustainability of programs by analyzing payer mix, reimbursement data, and contract revenues from external sites. Financial reporting also provides analytics into cost savings and additional downstream revenue generated by new patients acquired through telehealth.

Connected Data

Have you ever wanted one centralized record for each patient? Now, that can be a reality. By pulling from all sources in TRP, you gain visibility from standardized data across the entire patient journey — from their first visit to any follow-ups and insurance claims. How else can you keep all your data connected?

  • Keep Metrics in One Place. Utilize a central business intelligence platform for all key operations metrics for your practice. This holistic view will enable smarter, efficient operations.
  • Customize and Organize Data. As your telehealth and digital health continues to grow and evolve, so does the amount of information and data generated. The TRP dashboard organizes all of the metrics, including resource and provider utilization, to show insight on ROI, benchmarking, best practices, quality, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Actionable Insights

A great way to increase patient satisfaction is by fully understanding their healthcare history. With IDS and TRP, you can do that. You can find areas of improvement, like Length of Stay and Readmissions, to help ensure they are provided with the best care possible.

TRP is the only turnkey, comprehensive analytics solution that connects disparate systems for enterprise-wide care management. Its holistic reporting and dashboards connect to multiple data sources and give you the data you need to make informed decisions. With a single view of all systems within your practice, you can gain actionable insights to manage all key performance indicators to ensure operational efficiency and customize business intelligence the platform to fit your business goals.

Still not convinced?

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Read more information about how IDS and Ignis Health can help your telehealth reporting solution here. If your organization is ready to partner with IDS and Ignis Health, visit our Contact Us page now to get IDS experts on the project!