On-Demand Webinar: How Indiana-Based IDS is Perfectly Positioned to Help State Government Bodies to Fulfill the Requirements of House Bill 1167

The state of Indiana recently passed House Bill 1167 – which requires governing bodies of state and local agencies to stream public meetings and store those recordings for at least 90 days. As an Indiana-based audio/visual integrator, Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS) is uniquely equipped to support governing bodies in fulfilling this new requirement.

In late September, two subject matter experts from IDS hosted an educational webinar on the requirements recently published as a part of this bill. Ashley Miller, Regional Sales Manager, and Steve Williams, design engineer, came together to walk representatives from Indianan governing bodies through this new bill.

Miller covered the requirements of the new bill, highlighting the fact that the goal is to grant citizens more access to government proceedings.

Williams highlighted why this bill is important, stressing that both him and Miller are born-and-raised Hoosiers. In his explanation, Williams described how working for an Indiana-based company specifically positions him and Miller for work on 1167-related projects, stating that “Ashley and I are individuals that have been born and raised right here in Indiana. We understand our state. We understand that at its heart we are a rural community, and that we have a few large cities scattered throughout and some wonderful higher education establishments, but at our heart we are very much a rural community. We are a state that uses technology not for the sake of having technology, but we use technology to accomplish a purpose. And we do not add bells and whistles where we need bells and whistles. We just simply adopt the technology that we need to adopt to move forward. And our state has adopted the ability to live, stream and document our public meetings for those who are not able to join for various reasons. And that is how IDS is going to work with you to help provide a solution.”

Miller and Williams went on to explain how IDS can help state and local governing bodies by providing consultation services, design work, installation, and support of audio/video solutions. As an integrator, IDS is not limited by our own product line. We have the freedom to choose the product that truly fits the needs of our clients. Our only agenda is to build the very best solution for our clients with the very best video conferencing equipment available.

IDS achieves this goal through partnerships with the best hardware and software suppliers in the market. In the presentation, which is linked below, Williams went on to highlight some of the partners that IDS plans to use to help governing bodies to achieve compliance with House Bill 1167.

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