Technology that Enables Remote Learning

Technology throughout the entire education system is vital to keep students and teachers connected and engaged. Education technology and remote learning solutions may be as simple as amplifying a teacher with a wireless microphone, or as advanced as a complete simulation-based environment with audio, video, touchscreens, and digital dummies.

Live streaming and video content management tools can be used by colleges and universities to record and share lectures and additional learning media that students can access anywhere. Trade schools can incorporate simulation labs that can be graded and monitored remotely. Primary schools can leverage technology with tools like interactive whiteboards and video conferences between faculty and parents to ensure the success of each student.

  • K-12: Primary schools had to pivot quickly to adapt to remote and hybrid learning for younger students and youth. With interactive technologies, instructors are able to continue to engage their students.
  • Higher Education: Colleges and universities attract more students and qualified faculty when use technology to support more accessibility, like live stream classes, remote learning, and virtual office hours.
  • Trade School: Programs that support continuous education and life-long learners need seamless integrations with minimal downtime, while still providing cutting-edge simulation labs that provide hands-on experience.

Want to learn more? We have a number of case studies and education solutions so you can be sure that IDS is right for your company.

  • Case Study: Distance Learning, Centrally Managed. Many school districts are using a digital streaming solution to deliver more media to individual classrooms seamlessly. In addition, user-friendly technology helps faculty from the Pendleton County School District adopt programs and systems faster. Read the case study here.
  • Accelerated Learning. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted education systems worldwide, technology played a key role in helping students learn. K-12 and higher education alike use technology from Logitech to connect with instructors, resources, and peers to advance their education. Take a look at the Logitech education solutions here.
  • Case Study: Learn and Explore. With the unique cloud-based solution IDS built for Arizona State University, students out in the field can stay connected to instructors regardless of how far their education takes them. Read the case study here.

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