Webinar: How IDS and Avocor Can Help You Succeed

Yesterday, Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS) hosted a webinar with Avocor and Contra Costa County. Avocor, one of our key hardware partners, and Contra Costa County, one of our clients, joined us for a webinar discussing real world client success with IDS and Avocor.

Owning a piece of technology hardware often requires a significant investment, ongoing upkeep, and maintenance. But working with an integrator like IDS that can get you the right hardware provides less of an upfront expense and allows end users to upgrade more frequently so you always have access to cutting edge technology.

IDS partners with various top-of-the-line hardware and software partners to make your lives easier, and one of our hardware partners is Avocor.

One of Avocor’s greatest assets is they are software agnostic-–their hardware is compatible with many types of platforms and systems. Just like IDS. That’s why one organization chose to partner with IDS and Avocor.

A Joint Success Story: Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County was looking to empower Seamless communication between county staff members—no matter where they were. ​

The Contra Costa County Administration building is home to a variety of county departments:​

  • A large assembly chamber​
  • Executive Offices​
  • Conference rooms​
  • Work stations​
  • Support spaces​

After working with IDS and Avocor, the Administration Building now features a range of display and interactive video conferencing solutions​.

The Problem

Contra Costa County was in need of a new audio visual system in order to connect all county staff members. They were looing for a way to make the system efficient and easy to use, and ensure uptake amongst the County staff based at the building.

The Solution

Contra Costa County worked with IDS to integrate all desirable functions – in particular, being platform agnostic and having the ability to switch between programs such as Teams, Zoom, Cisco, or Whiteboard-type tasks – without switching devices. ​

The Avocor display devices chosen were platform agnostic, so ideally suited to the requirements. ​

The Results

The system is extremely flexible. The County is able to stream content form the chamber into our conference rooms via the Avocoa displays so that the general public can be present in real time at council session. In short, the Avocor solution allowed Contra Costa County to move to a video-based content delivery in a seamless fashion.

To find out what Contra Costa County plans to do next, watch our most recent webinar. This webinar will also discuss what future support IDS and Avocor will give Contra Costa County, and how IDS and Avocor work together.

To watch the on-demand webinar, click here.

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