What Goes Into a Good Telehealth Cart

Within a healthcare facility, telehealth hardware must meet a variety of standards in be used safely with patients. IDS has brought together the best healthcare hardware in the industry to create our Virtual Care Series (VCS) Telehealth Carts for optimal telehealth connection.

These carts are software agnostic, which means that nearly any telehealth software can be used on this hardware. At IDS, we partner with both Vidyo and Zoom Health to deliver best-in-class software along with our proprietary hardware in a complete telehealth solution. In addition, our 24x7x365 help desk is trained on a variety of software and hardware, ensuring that they will be able to help your end users no matter which telehealth programs your facilities rely on.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, dependable healthcare cart that meets the needs of both your patients and providers, then look no further than the VCS Telehealth Carts.

Here is what makes them great:

VCS- Care

VCS-CARE is the top-of-the-line telehealth solution to meet all the needs of your demanding healthcare staff. The adjustable stand provides optimal leverage for fast, silent and easy one-handed height adjustments to effortlessly change from a standing to sitting position. Perfectly balanced, it reduces shoulder, arm and back fatigue. Patients and staff can have full telehealth conversations over video with doctors, specialists or even interpreters to help ensure a thorough understanding of their medical treatments. Powered by Windows 10 IoT and an Intel core processor, VCS-CARE is ready to be customized to run your medical device programs as well as charge medical peripherals using the computer’s batteries. The certified medical grade computer from Cybernet also reduces the spread of harmful germs with a unique antimicrobial plastic casing.


Designed with telehealth in mind, the agile cart is swift and lightweight at 54 lbs. The entire unit has been certified to UL 60601 for easy cleaning and sanitation. Large 22” touchscreen with medical-grade IP65 and antimicrobial surface for easy sanitation; can be sprayed, wiped, and UV cleaned. Clear 1920 x 1080p resolution for viewing facial expressions and room details. Utilizing a 20x zoom, PTZ camera allows for getting those close-up view. Learn more here.


The light and agile telehealth cart is easily maneuvered between rooms and around bedsides. The anti-vibration technology uses minimal footprint and has been certified to UL 60601 for easy cleaning and sanitation. The camera is ready for use in most any size room with full HD (1080p) crystal clarity and 5x zoom for outstanding details. The pan/tilt/zoom availability lets viewers get a picture of the whole room, even if multiple people are there. Learn more here.

Choose the right telehealth cart can be daunting, which is why our implementation experts are here to help find the right fit for your care delivery workflows. If you are interested in working with IDS, visit the Contact Us page now.