What is the True Value of Digital Signage

Digital signage enhances user experience, and engages visitors, employees, and customers with dynamic content shown across interactive walls. LED walls, projectors, and freestanding displays allow anyone to access information quickly anywhere in a building or across an entire complex.

But what is the true value of digital signage?

Add Dynamic Content Anywhere

  • LED walls add dynamic content anywhere. The workhorse of digital displays, LED video walls come in various sizes, qualities, and price points. Whether you want interactive displays that keep users engaged or static panels that show news scrolls or add branding, LED walls display crisp images in natural or artificial lighting.
  • Projectors that transform any room. Modern projectors with laser technology can be seen in crystal clarity even in brightly lit rooms. They can add ambient lighting onto oddly shaped surfaces in museums, retailers, and exhibits. Projectors can highlight room features, products for retailers, or other messaging.
  • Freestanding displays as virtual concierges for visitors. For a simple option, many companies can look at smaller monitors or freestanding digital signage. These could be kiosks at a check-in desk, a digital tabletop, or additional wayfinding tools in high-traffic areas. headaches that come up along the way.  

How IDS Can Help

Digital signage and the technology needed to run the content you wish to display come in many different forms. With the help of our engineers here at Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS), we work with top-rated panel, projector, and application manufacturers, so we know exactly what options you can choose from and what you need. The final goal is to get the best flexible technology solution to display the right types of information to the right users.

  • Design & Deploy: Every project is different with its own challenges, which is why we work with each customer to understand the overall goals of their projects. From design to implementation, our team manages the entire process to take the worry out of meeting all your requirements and deadlines.  
  • Managed Services: Our Managed Services are a suite of hardware and software support services, along with a completely US-based Customer Support team that allows your organization to easily deploy, use, and scale video conferencing solutions. We also continue to monitor and manage your equipment to get the most uptime and remove technology headaches that come up along the way.  
  • Data & Reporting: With IDS, you can identify where your resources should be allocated based on how your equipment and licenses are being used. You can save time and money with data insights. Know your next step with analytics to help see business, workflow, and technology trends in your organization.  

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