Why You Need A Telehealth Integrator to Maximize Care Delivery Workflows

Imagine that you need a dresser to store your clothing. You head to Ikea, select the style you want, and bring it home. Now imagine that you were sold the piece with absolutely no instructions. Once you get home you discover that you have a bag full of screws and hex keys, boards that are meant to fit together, and nothing else. How easy will it be for you to turn those individual components into a dresser?

Choosing a telehealth software without working with an integrator is like buying an Ikea dresser with no instructions. Technically, you have fulfilled your need by purchasing the software, but there is still a gap between the point of purchase and the functional use. A telehealth integrator can provide the guidance you need to set up a functional and beneficial telehealth solution. They turn the individual components like telehealth software and hardware into something useful by ensuring that the components are properly integrated into your existing care delivery workflows.

Why Choose IDS as your Telehealth Integrator

As an industry-leading telehealth integrator, IDS partners with dozens of telehealth platforms like Zoom Healthcare, Vidyo, and Twilio along with hardware suppliers like Cybernet,  Tryten, and Logitech to offer the best telehealth integration guidance possible. Our team is well versed in the functionality and IT set up of the most popular telehealth software and hardware on the market, and we can help you to install them in your facility. In fact, we have even developed our own proprietary telehealth carts using the best medical hardware on the market. Read more about our VCS carts here. They integrate with the most popular telehealth platforms available today.

It is vital that your telehealth system works smoothly within your care delivery workflow. If the system is not reliable, easy to use, and made a part of the regular care providers offer to patients, then the system will go unused and your investment will have been wasted. The IDS team will work with you to define your care delivery workflows, conceptualize/workshop the addition of telehealth services, and then install, maintain, and manage the solution of your choice. Once installation is complete, IDS can provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the continued success of your solution. Working with a telehealth integrator can save you a lot of time, grief, and investment.

If you are interested in using IDS as an expert telehealth integrator, fill out the form on our Contact Us page now.