How One Company Improved Their Digital Signage

Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS) provides digital signage, video communication, AV integration, and managed services to organizations looking to improve communication and technology strategies. We design, deploy, integrate, and manage your projects throughout the whole process for a completely unique solution that works for you.   

How can you be sure IDS is right for your company? One of the best ways is hearing testimonial from another organization currently partnered with us. Don’t take our word for it. You can see the evidence yourself. We use case studies to demonstrate exactly how we handle projects to help you visualize what you can do with your own organization.  

In this full case study, you will learn how IDS helped one organization upgrade their digital signage to effectively communicate high-quality messaging with their customers.

The Problem

Originally opened as a small dairy store in 1969 selling only seven items, Stew Leonard’s now has seven locations in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, welcoming more than 20 million visitors to their stores every year.

Stew Leonard’s came to IDS looking for a digital signage solution to effectively communicate high-quality messaging with customers. Dave Beggs, Manager of Support Services for Stew Leonard’s, was tasked with finding this solution, which had to meet some specific criteria. The budget was a high concern for them, but Dave also knew that they needed a product that was going to be dependable as well as scalable beyond the initial intended application. Finally, it had to be easy to manage.

The Solution

IDS designed a digital signage solution for Stew Leonard’s that used technology from VBrick Systems for live encoding and Visix for content management. Cameras located at Stew Leonard’s farm in Ellington, Connecticut, streamed live feeds of their dairy cows via VBrick encoders directly to the stores. The live streams are then displayed on monitors in each store using Visix set-top boxes. HD monitors were located at entrances and exits of each store. “It’s a fun way to show our customers exactly where our dairy products come from,” said Dave. “The live feed has run 24 hours a day for over three years now; we’ve had no problems with it. It’s very reliable,” said Dave.

In addition to the CowCam, each Stew Leonard’s store displays advertising information to customers on a monitor at every checkout. Monitors are also located in different parts of the store to display information specifically for that department.

The Results

Stew Leonard’s management was so impressed with the quality of the system that they expanded beyond the initial scope of the project and deployed an employee-facing component. They placed monitors in each store’s break room to display information that was important for each employee to see such as content regarding HR policies, insurance updates, team meetings, company picnics, and more.

The Stew Leonard’s team found this method of communication to be particularly effective for showing the same content to each store at the same time throughout the entire workday, covering each different shift. Specific stores can even receive customized content unique to each location. Using the solution in this way has improved communication to the team members dramatically Want to know the full results of this partnership? Read the full case study here, and find out how Stew Leonard’s and Interactive Digital Solutions worked together to solve their digital signage problem.