Most Helpful Video Communication Blogs of 2022

At IDS, we believe in setting up close to perfect video communication for our clients. As video communication experts, we bring together the best hardware, software, and expertise in the business to set up customized video communication solutions for clients in healthcare, business, government, and education. We can design the perfect video communication solution for you, deploy the solution wherever you need it to be, and continually support the solution on an ongoing basis. We have developed expertise in this area so that you do not have to. We can and will handle everything.  

As we near the end of 2022, we thought it’d be helpful to share our five most helpful video communication blog posts of the year. These blogs provide useful information about IDS, video communication, digital signage, hybrid work, and meeting fatigue. Check out these blogs that you might have missed!

Our services go well beyond simple support to include a suite of hardware and software maintenance services that ensure our clients always have a functioning, easy-to-use video communication system. We have spent a decade honing our video communication knowledge and, in our experience, here are the 3 most important elements of perfect video communication: Read the blog here.

Ever since remote work began to boom in 2020, video meetings have replaced in-person meetings. While we see the many pros to remote work, it can come with its share of challenges, as well—such as video meeting fatigue, where those who have an abundance of video meetings can feel just as worn out as being a part of in-person meetings all day. Take a look below at our infographic, where we walk the main causes of video meeting fatigue, how to improve it, and how IDS can help your organization. Read the blog here.

Digital signage enhances user experience, and engages visitors, employees, and customers with dynamic content shown across interactive walls. LED walls, projectors, and freestanding displays allow anyone to access information quickly anywhere in a building or across an entire complex. With the help of our engineers here at Interactive Digital Solutions (IDS), we work with top-rated panel, projector, and application manufacturers, so we know exactly what options you can choose from and what you need. Read the blog here.

Video conferencing has become integral to modern business practices, and we can help to create a seamless, easy-to-use solution that will enhance your existing workflows. For example, have you ever wondered what your office would look like in virtual reality? With IDS, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

We recently began a partnership with Modus VR. With VR, we can build models of your future conference room that you can explore and walk-through—prior to anything being ordered or implemented. Read the blog.

Ever since early 2020, part of our IDS team has been working remotely, and we are willing to bet that the same is true of other organizations. When looking towards a future where employees work in a combination of in-person, hybrid, and remotely across the world, maintaining seamless communication has posed a great challenge. At IDS, we partner with the best video conferencing vendors in the industry to bring you top-of-the-line hardware and software. That is how IDS uniquely helps everyone manage In-Person, Hybrid, and Remote at once: by building the very best solution for you regardless of whether or not everyone is physically in the office. Read the blog.

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